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How do I get my bad boyfriend away?

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RSS van Lovebird1979 Lovebird1979 Auteur op infoyo sinds
20 Augustus 2008

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Datum: 31-10-2010
Auteur: Lovebird1979
Do you feel that you always attract bad boys, even you are just a very loyal and loving person and feel that you never will come true any more? Read my story how it can become different.

As a child I was always very insecure about myself, was always teased and was on the heavy side. When I was eighteen I met a guy, who really let me see that I made especially for him. I found this great andas this I had never experienced in my life. I did everything for him and decided within three months to live with him. At the moment I walked in to him and said hello baby here I am, he was very negative and turned suddenly into a very aggressive person.

The whole problem was that he knew that I had chosen him and to my parents I dared not go back no. I was raised religious and they thought it was absolutely stupid and foolish of me that I had made this choice. In hindsight I should have cut the relationship.

Months went by and it went from bad to worse. I already considerd that this guy has a borderline personality disorder for  the rest of his life to live . He has the disorder in the most severe form (suicide attempts, pathological jealousy and those closest to him are hurt). I walked with my head down the street because when I looked at a man I would have done it with this man. I could not work because some stores worked men  and lived in isolation. Eventually I went to work at a drugstore, but in the break he looked what i did. Imagine what can happen in that half hour. He checked me here also, well he was on sick leave because of his mental state so had all day to do this.

There were days when I saw him as a different person, a sweet gentle man, but he turned the slightest provocation and I got the clap. Despite everything, I kept my faith in God and kept praying for a solution. My mother did know what was happening but was afraid that I would choose him. On one day I prayed that i please could be saved out of this situation, but despite all the sorrow and pain I have loved him. The next day I called my mom, without my prayer to know and only said IT IS GOOD! I knew what she meant.
Together with my employer and parents  we discussed and my parents  kidnapped me on my work. He brought me up and took  me so we planned that I would leave earlier.
I'm finally free, but then came the sadness pass. The funny thing is that after a few days I wanted to go back to him and was wild and crazy in my head. It took a while before I was over him.

Not much later I got a very nice looking guy to . I asked him right if he had any mental problems and luckily he had not. But yes this guy blow de the lungs from his body. So nothing too.

What I really want to tell this story? That's what I tell you now

Two and half years ago I decided to not take any relationship more and work on myself. I discovered by people around me that the problem not only with men is wrong, but in the fact that I was too nice and everything is allowed. The uncertainty is the most important which had to work because I thought a guy of my level would not like me. WRONG WRONG WRONG. If you are more sure of yourself you attract confident and loving men.

Now I have been a one month relationship with a very good, dear boy. The first meeting he said that he was right not perfect, but yes I am not perfect too and he actually seems very much like me about how I think and do things. I finally after10 years effaced myself were happy and dare to say what I think about things without a beating to get.

so  for anyone who attracts bad men: GET SELF INSURED AND WORK ON YOURSELF. Success for those who have taken the time to read this article. I wish you all the best. For those who are in a relationship where they are abused or are afraid to give their opinion, stop with the relationship. It is difficult, because it's like an addiction. First you really desire to return, especially if there is a new baby comes into the picature, but after a while you really do not remember what was so nice about that boy.

Good luck, Love Bird

Reacties op dit artikel
Ola, 2010-10-31
( 0 )

Good Job! I mean the work you do on yourself. You may need to work on your use of English language though.
Paulbakker, 2010-11-01
( 0 )

Inderdaad. Had gewoon in het Nederlands geschreven, net zoals je overige artikelen.
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